Makarau Scout Camp was acquired by Scouts New Zealand in 1961

The Kaukapakapa Scout Group has maintained and re-built the campsite to excellent standards

  • 2021 Improve camp fire areas

  • 2020 Preparing for large garage to be installed

  • 2019 Preparing for large garage to be installed

  • 2018 More cooking fire pits re-rebuilt on site

  • 2017 A second, larger water tank installed, more taps, and improved water delivery systems

  • 2016 Cooking fire pits rebuilt on site

  • 2015 Large fridge installed (windows removed temporarily to get it in!). Two 20' containers installed for equipment storage

  • 2014 Oversize Macrocarpa and Pine trees felled

  • 2013 Drainage improved on lower camp site, and soil level raised

  • 2012 The large maple tree at the entrance fell over in a storm

  • 2011 Concrete paths and pavers laid in outdoor dinning area

  • 2010 New water pump, and instant water heater installed

  • 2009 Kitchen rebuilt from ground-up, with tiled floor, new windows, and covered veranda

  • 2008 Dinning hall rebuilt from ground-up, with tiled floor and new windows

  • 2007 Dual composting toilets installed with wash area and wheelchair ramp

  • 2006 Main hall repainted and refurbished

Every year the Kaukapakapa Scout Group plants new trees in the surrounding area to provide a pleasant and varied ecological environment