Camp Site

The lower flat area has space for eight 12 x 12 Scout tents

The upper flat area has space for four 12 x 12 Scout tents

There are other spaces around the camp site for small tents or pup tents


The School hall can hold 16 stretchers (not supplied)

The Dinning hall can contain 12 stretchers (not supplied)

Both halls have 230 V mains power, electric lighting, and windows with drapes, and lockable doors


For outdoor cooking we have:

  • Four wood fired BBQ pits with steel grates (subject to seasonal fire restrictions. Please confirm this with booking)

  • Large campfire pit

  • Large outside dishes sink on concrete pad (buckets required for hot water and scrap drainage)

  • Space for a traditional hungi. Please confirm this with booking

  • Standard three burner gas BBQ (bring your own gas cylinder, and clean thoroughly after use)

* Please consider appropriate fire risks when using outdoor cooking fires https://docs.waitoru.org/makarau-fires/

For indoor cooking, we have a large kitchen building that has multiple indoor and outdoor covered work-spaces. Features include:

  • Electric instant water boiler

  • Electric lighting indoors, and limited amount of outdoor lighting

  • Large fridge and freezer

  • Spare cooking utensils, pots pans, plates, and cups etc in case you forgot to bring something

  • Standard domestic electric stove

  • Toaster

The Dinning hall next door to the kitchen can seat 42 people


The camp water supply is rain water collection from the building roofs only. One large tank, and one small backup tank

There are no showers, and insufficient fresh water for showers. Please use a basin and a cloth for personal hygiene

Domestic water taps are in the kitchen, on the outside dishes sink, and o n the two hand washing basin outside the toilets

Hose taps are located outside the the kitchen (West corner), and on the lower field (attached to large tree stump, East). Please bring your own hoses and fittings if required

Please conserve water during dry seasons


The camp has two composting toilets. Please follow posted instructions for use. There is a wooden wheel chair ramp, though please provide assistance as it may be slippery

Camp Code and Conditions


Camp Fire Safety Notice