Makarau camp is a general purpose area, and suitable for a wide range of Scouting activities. Some things that the Kaukapakapa Scout group have done are:

At camp

Burma trail - Bring your own rope, 500 m to 1 Km length. Please respect the native bush, and ensure any potential damage is kept to a minimum

Fire wood cutting and splitting - Use large pine logs provided. not native bush. Bring your own well cared and checked for axes and wood splitters

Wide games - Two open flat areas, and a 0.5 hectare of native bush. Please respect the native bush, and ensure any potential damage is kept to a minimum

Open fire cooking - use the camp fire area to learn open fire cooking techniques. Remember a camp fire is a ceremonial thing, don't use for cooking, and vice versa

Orienteering - Bring your compasses and set a trail around the camp. Plenty of interesting terrain markers

Pioneering - Long lengths of dried Manuka tree suitable for lashing stored behind containers. Check these are suitable for and high structures, and person carrying structures

Tree planting - The native bush block still has a few clear areas, please plant with suitable native trees

Tyre rolling - Tyres stored behind containers. Roll them down hill at some cardboard boxes, popular with Keas, and older Keas!

Camp fires - Two large areas for ceremonial camp fires. keep fire size sensible. Split your own firewood. And remember you are the fire department while there, and the neighbours don't want to be smoked out

BBQ cooking - Four concrete and steel wood fired BBQ pits provided. please only use for intended purposes, small cooking fires

Close by

Bush walks - Contact local farmers for access

Canoeing - Contact local farmers for access

Farm visits - Contact local farmers for access

Fishing - On Makarau river and estuary

Rafting - On Makarau river

Further afield

Atiu Creek Farm - Walking and Mountain Bike trails. Atiu Creek Farm was gifted to the Auckland Regional Council by Jackie and Pierre Chatelanat who wanted to ensure that all New Zealanders could enjoy access to the Kaipara Harbour, and that the cultural and heritage values of the area would be protected

Gibbs Farm - Book ahead. Hard to get tickets, but an amazing farm and sculpture walk. Sculptures the size of building, with Zebra, Giraffes, Emus, Alpaca's etc.

Kaiparacoast Sculpture Gardens - Enjoy a relaxed art and garden experience strolling along a gentle 1 Km sculpture & garden trail set in a tranquil and inspirational rural oasis located at award winning Kaipara Coast Plant Centre. There is now the option of a more vigorous 30 minute adventure along the new Don's Conservation , this track takes you on a winding journey through native forest, along streams and waterfalls and focuses on a conservation message. The track takes around 30 minutes to walk

Mt Auckland walkway - The usual track is up from Kaipara Hills Road and down to SH16, so transport re-positioning may be required. Caution, while the walk is in native bush, the start and end of walk have a significant stretch with no bush shelter, take plenty of sun protection

Omeru Scenic Reserve - Bush walks, waterfalls, historic Pa site, picnic areas, BBQ pit, playing fields. See Council map for accessible areas. It is possible to walk from Makarau Scout, up Burke Road, and down paper roads into Omeru reserve. Please contact farmers before crossing paddocks with paper roads, as bulls are kept here. CAUTION: The large waterfall at the head of Waitangi stream has two significant hazards; the pool at the bottom is very deep, and has submerged trees that you can get entangled in. The top of the waterfall requires constant adult supervision and there is a risk of falling (20 m) from loose ground and minimal fencing. Please keep away from these unless you have experience of the area

Parakai Springs - Natural hot water pools and slides. Please phone some weeks before your camp, and make a booking as a Scout Group, discounts may be offered to Scout Groups. Under eight year old children require 1:1 adult supervision